Important Corkbeg Notice

Corkbeg AFC & Corkbeg Pitch & Putt Club have always enjoyed good relations and we’d like that to continue long into the future. There have been a couple of small incidents in the last few weeks that need to be addressed in order for our great relationship to continue.
1. Corkbeg AFC and Corkbeg Pitch & Putt Club is a dog free zone. You are not allowed to bring your dog on to the premises, either off a leash or on a leash. There are lots of signs up around the grounds about this. It’s a major health hazard, especially for kids and there was a recent incident where one of our schoolboys got his arm covered in dog poo while training. Our grounds are not a space to exercise dogs, but you are also not allowed to bring a dog down while watching a match. Please don’t bring dogs on to the premises going forward, as you will be asked to remove your dog from the premises.
2. We must remind Corkbeg supporters, parents and players to be mindful that we share our grounds with Corkbeg Pitch & Putt Club. It has been observed in the last few weeks that people are inclined to walk on fairways and in some cases on the greens, while members of Corkbeg Pitch & Putt Club are playing their rounds.
Please be aware that you could be impinging on pitch & putt games while supporting your childs team or supporting the junior team. We ask our supporters to be particularly aware of the whereabouts of their other kids while watching games, as they do tend to climb in the surrounding trees, roll around on tee-boxes and uproot flags. And please, no footballs or hurling matches on the fairways. Vigilance is needed at all times, but especially on Sunday mornings
3. If you bring drinks and snacks down with you on your visit to Corkbeg, please use the bins onsite to dispose of your rubbish or bring it home with you.
Thanks for your understanding and co-operation with this matter.

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